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Google Home

Cameras imported into Scrypted can be streamed to the Google Home devices such as Chromecast, Android TV, and the Nest Hub. Streaming to the Google Home app is currently not supported because the app does not support the WebRTC protocol.

Camera Configuration

Complete Camera Configuration and Add the Camera to Scrypted continuing with this setup. Verify the camera streams are working properly within Scrypted. There will be less moving parts when trying to troubleshoot issues.

Google Home Plugin Setup

Install the Google Home Plugin.

The Google Home Plugin will automatically enable itself on all the devices currently integrated into Scrypted. In any case, Verify the Google Home is enabled for the camera. If it is not, enable it, then Reload the Google Home Plugin.

Scrypted Cloud Plugin Setup

The Scrypted Cloud Plugin should have been automatically installed. If it was not, installed it. Then click the Login button to register with Scrypted's cloud service.


Google Home connects to Scrypted's Cloud service communicate with your server. Google Home will not function without cloud connectivity.

Google Home Setup

  1. Open the Google Home app on iOS or Android.
  2. Link/Add a new device.
  3. Link the Scrypted Home Automation service.
  4. Log in with the same credentials used for the Scrypted Cloud Plugin.
  5. Scrypted is now connected and all selected devices are available in Google Home.