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Cameras imported into Scrypted can be streamed to the iOS/macOS Home App including support for HomeKit Secure Video.


HomeKit Secure Video requires a HomePod or Apple TV. Detection of people, cars, and packages is done entirely on the Apple Home Hub. AI accelerators like are unnecessary.

Camera Configuration

Complete Camera Configuration and Add the Camera to Scrypted continuing with this setup. Verify the camera streams are working properly within Scrypted. There will be less moving parts when trying to troubleshoot issues.

HomeKit Setup

Install the HomeKit Plugin.

The HomeKit Plugin will automatically enable itself on all the devices currently integrated into Scrypted. In any case, Verify the HomeKit Plugin is enabled for the camera. If it is not, enable it, then Reload the HomeKit Plugin.


HomeKit Pairing

Navigate to the Camera within Scrypted Management Console. View the HomeKit Settings and open the Pairing section. The pairing QR Code and manual codes can be found there. Use your iOS app to scan the QR Code and add it to the Home app.


HomeKit Secure Video

HomeKit Secure Video (HKSV) requires cameras with motion sensors and specific codec settings. Both of these settings should have already been configured as part of the Camera Configuration.

Enable Stream and Recording on the camera in the iOS Home app.


HomeKit Troubleshooting

The HomeKit Troubleshooting Guide can be found in the plugin or on Github.