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Camera Recommendations

Camera Checklist

For optimal Scrypted performance in HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and Scrypted NVR, look for:

  • Local streaming via RTSP/RTMP
  • Wired connection (power over ethernet) is strongly recommended. Use wireless sparingly to reach areas that may not be easily serviced with PoE.
  • H.264 video with configurable codec settings (Framerate, Bitrate, and Frame Interval).
  • 2-3 Main and Substreams. Additional Substreams provides Scrypted with the flexibility to provide the best stream for any connection.
  • Night Color cameras have better object detection performance than Infrared. This is preferable if there is some amount of ambient light.

Unifi cameras are recommended, but this doc will focus on cameras that do not require adoption into the Unifi ecosystem, which can be cost prohibitive or not meet specific hardware requirements. One can generally find better cameras at lower prices and more flexibility in choices.

The links and models below are ones that @koush has personally purchased or have received positive user reports. Please verify that the link corresponds with the given model number, as the listing under the link may change.


In addition to the Unifi G4 Doorbell, the following doorbells have full Scrypted support: doorbell events and two way audio.


A two way audio camera can be combined with a smart button to create a doorbell in Scrypted. This is a flexible and reliable solution. Within HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa, the doorbell group will behave exactly like any other Doorbell. See the DIY Doorbell.

8MP/4K Cameras

  • One Way Audio
    • Amcrest IP8M-T2669EW-AI: This has 3 streams, and a great price. Solid 4K choice on a budget.
    • Hivkision models with 3 streams such as DS-2CD2086G2-IU are highly recommended, but 2 streams is totally fine too. More expensive but has better image quality in both day and night.
  • Two Way Audio
  • Night Color + Two Way Audio


It is not recommended to buy a 4K wireless cameras, as the stream bitrate will be problematic on a wireless network, resulting in dropped frames and connections.


Reolink 4K cameras only supports H.265 in 4K mode. Dropping the resolution to 2K mode allows H.264 usage, but the image is cropped, and has a narrower field of view. Reolink 4K cameras are not recommended.

4MP/2K Cameras

  • PoE
  • Wireless
    • One Way Audio
    • Two Way Audio
      • Amcrest IP4M-1041: Indoor camera.
      • The Tapo cams listed above all include two way audio that are varying degrees of functional. Tapo uses a proprietary reverse engineered protocol for two way audio, they are prone to breakage with firmware updates or manufacturer whims. Using older firmwares may be necessary, which is why they are not in the two way audio recommendation list.


The price point difference between 1080p and 2K is minimal, just get a 2K camera and run it at 1080p if you must. The same brand recommendations as 2K apply.