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Choose from the following troublehsooting guides. If your issue is not listed, please join Discord and report the bug in the #nvr channel.


Object Detection

Detection Flow Chart


Object Detection failure is typically due to the camera hardware not properly supplying motion events. View the camera in the NVR and verify there are motion events in the Timeline. Detected Motion will be denoted with a thin and solid blue line, as seen below.

No Motion Detected
Detected Motion

If there is no motion visible on the timeline, the camera is misconfigured and not reporting motion properly. Enable the camera's hardware Motion Sensor via the manufacturer admin webpage or app. Ensure there are no zones filtering the motion.

In some cases, the camera motion sensor may be unreliable or non functional. Scrypted NVR provides software motion detection options to fill this gap. Enable the WebGL or WebAssembly Motion Detection Extension on the camera.

If the motion sensor is functional, the Object Detection itself can be tested by dropping an image into it. Save the following image and dropping it into Scrypted NVR Object Detection:

Sample Image
Detected Objects


Recording issues typically stem from the storage directory or device not being properly configured.

  1. In the Scrypted NVR Plugin Settings, verify the storage directory is configured and is reporting the correct disk size and free space. The drive should ideally be at least 1 terabyte.
  2. Refer to the Recording Storage docs to properly format the drive with the correct filesystem and, if applicable, mount it into Docker.