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Adaptive Bitrate

Scrypted NVR leverages all the camera substreams and transcoding to provide bulletproof streams, regardless of downstream network conditions.


Adaptive Bitrate is a Platform level feature, and also improves streaming to HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, and Home Assistant.

Smart Detections

Timeline and Events

The Timeline and Events views are powered by Smart Detections that highlight key moments in the day: people and cars arriving and leaving, packages, and animals.


Rich Notifications

Rich Notifications are delivered instantly to iOS, Android, and Web apps with a thumbnail of the detection.

Hardware Accelerated AI

Scrypted NVR Smart Detections use one of the available Object Detection Plugins which can run on:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • Apple Silicon Neural Engine 🔥
  • accelerators 🔥

Apple Silicon

Scrypted NVR can leverage the Neural Engine on the new Apple Silicon chips using the CoreML Plugin. Incredible performance at low power. Installing the Scrypted Desktop App is recommended on Mac.


Scrypted NVR supports Intel iGPUs and accelerator cards for blazing fast detection performance using the OpenVINO Plugin. 12th Generation Intel processors like the N100 have great performance at a low power and price point.


Scrypted NVR supports object detection on NVIDIA GPUs via the ONNX Plugin.

Google Coral EdgeTPU

Scrypted NVR supports object detection using the Google accelerators via the Tensorflow-Lite Plugin. The PCI and USB models are both supported.