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Cameras imported into Scrypted can be streamed to the Alexa devices such as Echo Show and the Alexa mobile apps.

Camera Configuration

Complete Camera Configuration and Add the Camera to Scrypted continuing with this setup. Verify the camera streams are working properly within Scrypted. There will be less moving parts when trying to troubleshoot issues.

Alexa Home Plugin Setup

Install the Alexa Plugin.

The Alexa Plugin will automatically enable itself on all the devices currently integrated into Scrypted. In any case, Verify the Alexa is enabled for the camera. If it is not, enable it, then Reload the Alexa Plugin.

Scrypted Cloud Plugin Setup

The Scrypted Cloud Plugin should have been automatically installed. If it was not, install it. Then click the Login button to register with Scrypted's cloud service.


Alexa connects to Scrypted's Cloud service communicate with your server. Alexa will not function without cloud connectivity.

Alexa Setup

Setup Scrypted on the Alexa app using your Mobile Device or via the Browser.

Mobile Device

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Click More > Skills & Games.
  3. Click Search icon in top right.
  4. Type "scrypted" and then search.
  5. Click 'Scrypted Home Automation'.
  6. Click 'Enable To Use'.


  1. Click this link.
  2. Note if your default marketplace isn't, replace the domain with your default marketplace.
  3. Click 'Enable'.

Complete Setup

Follow on-screen prompts and log in to Scrypted with the same account from the previous setp. Your devices should now sync with Amazon Alexa.