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System Requirements

Host Operating System

Scrypted can run on Mac, Windows, Proxmox VE, and Linux (via Docker).


Proxmox VE is the recommended installation host for dedicated Intel/AMD servers, and is preferred over Docker.

Linux + Docker installations should use Ubuntu Server 64bit 22.04 LTS Jammy as the host, including Raspberry Pi.

Base System Requirements

Scrypted can run on low power devices such as a Raspberry Pi 4 or more powerful devices like an Intel NUC or Mac Mini. Most users will be just fine with a low powered device. However, if running software Motion Sensors or Scrypted NVR, the performance requirements will increase per camera.


The server must be connected to the network with a wired network connection. If the server has a wireless connection, disabling it altogether is recommended.


When choosing cameras or a server, consult the Buyers's Guide for recommendations that will work together to perform best with Scrypted.

NVR System Requirements


The Raspberry Pi 4 and low performance NAS are not recommended for use with Scrypted NVR. Here are the baseline hardware recommendations:

Windows9th Generation (or equivalent for AMD)
Linux6th Generation (or equivalent for AMD)
macOSApple Silicon

The following chart is a rough idea of the capabilities of a few such systems.

HardwareOperating SystemNumber of CamerasNotes
Dell Wyse 5070Ubuntu + Docker5Available cheap on eBay.
Intel N100Ubuntu + Docker12New Intel NUC that has a fantastic iGPU for accelerated transcode and detection.
Mac Mini 16GBmacOS20+Scrypted NVR can leverage Apple Silicon's Neural Engine.


Any hard drive will work, surveillance hard drives are recommended. Flash drives and SD cards should not be used, as they will corrupt quickly due to the high write volume.