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Apps and Remote Access


Cameras and recordings can be viewed remotely via a browser or the app by enabling cloud access.

  1. Install the Scrypted Cloud Plugin.
    • Scrypted Cloud must also be installed when self hosting. See below for self hosting instructions.
  2. Login on the Scrypted Cloud Plugin.
    • Optional: Configuring port forwarding or UPNP on your router for Scrypted Cloud is recommended for optimal performance and data privacy.
  3. Your cameras can now be viewed from anywhere at


  1. Install TestFlight on iOS.
  2. Install the Scrypted Beta App using TestFlight.
  3. Login using the Scrypted Cloud credentials from the previous steps.
  4. The app will prompt to login a second time. The second time, use your local Scrypted Server credentials.

Android and Web

All platforms (including iOS) can install the Progressive Web App (PWA):

  1. On your phone/desktop launch the appropriate browser:
    • iOS: Install with Safari
    • Android: Install with Chrome
    • Windows/Mac/Linux: Install with Edge or Chrome
  2. Visit the app installation link and log into Scrypted Cloud.
  3. This page can be installed as an app. See screenshot.
  4. Launch the newly installed PWA.
  5. Login with the Scrypted Cloud credentials used in the previous steps.
  6. The app will prompt to login a second time. The second time, use your local Scrypted Server credentials.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Desktop platforms can install the web app (PWA) or install the Scrypted Desktop App. The desktop app can run in Viewer Mode.

Self Hosting

Scrypted can optionally be self hosted on a personal custom domain. This setup process is for advanced users and offers no benefits over port forwarding, other than bypassing the Scrypted Cloud cloud login.

  • Install the Scrypted Cloud Plugin.
    • For Port Forwarding Mode, select Custom Domain.
    • Enter the personal custom domain into the Hostname setting such as
  • Set up a SSL Termination to the Local HTTPS Port on the Scrypted Server. This port is random and can be viewed or changed in the Scrypted Cloud Plugin settings. This can be done with nginx or a variety of other reverse proxies.
Enter at:
iOS Settings -> Scrypted -> Self Hosted -> Hostname
Install using:
In the Desktop app menu, click Reset Startup Settings.
Choose Viewer Mode.
Enter when prompted for the optional Self Hosting domain.