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Object Detection

Object Detection plugins analyze the camera stream for recognizable objects (people, cars, animals, packages). These plugins are only used by Scrypted NVR for smart detections.

There are several Object Detection Plugins available. Choose the best one for your Scrypted NVR Server.


Uses the Neural Engine only available on Apple Silicon.


Available only in the Scrypted Desktop App. Uses the GPU for hardware acceleration.


Available on all platforms. Can use Intel CPU/GPU for hardware acceleration. The Console will show the available hardware.

Tensorflow Lite

Available on all platforms. Can use TPU for hardware acceleration.

To use a Coral EdgeTPU within docker:

  1. The docker host must install the appropriate EdgeTPU drivers:
  1. Modify ~/.scrypted/docker-compose.yml on the host to pass throug the appropriate USB or PCI devices.
  2. Then recreate the docker container:
cd ~/.scrypted
docker compose down
docker compose up -d
  1. Upon successful installation, the Tensorflow Lite Plugin will report the device in Settings and the Console log.
edge tpus [{'type': 'pci', 'path': '/dev/apex_0'}]
model: yolov8n_full_integer_quant_320
added tpu {'type': 'pci', 'path': '/dev/apex_0'}